Nicolas Meringolo

Chief Executive Officer

One Pencil Per Child (OPPC)

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Nicolas is CEO and Editor-in-Chief of One Pencils Per Child.

Nicolas is also the former Editor-in-Chief of the Pencils for Africa (PFA) editorial team.

He is a graduate of Saint Hilary Middle School in Tiburon, California.

To watch Nicolas’ presentation to the PFA Board of Directors, kindly click here.

How OPPC Works


Jackson and Nicolas


Jackson and Nicolas

Nicolas spoke about the One Pencil Per Child (OPPC) on July 23rd, 2014 in his presentation, with his fellow PFA team members, to representatives of Google Inc. and Google Foundation in Mountain View, California. The purpose of the OPPC program is to promote learning and literacy in Africa, through donations of pencils from pencil companies in the US and Europe. OPPC will identify those school communities in Africa that have a need for pencils to nurture learning and literacy. In some African communities, 30 children share one pencil between then.


CNN Hero Jackson Kaguri is Global Ambassador for Pencils for Africa

The Global Ambassador of Pencils for Africa, CNN Hero Jackson Kaguri, has committed to helping Pencils for Africa (PFA) source the communities most in need of pencils in Africa.

Mr. Kaguri himself, had to attend school in Uganda as a child by sharing one pencil amongst him and his four siblings.


Nicolas and PFA team with representatives from Google Inc. and Google Foundation